Abhishek Goyal

AR VR & Game Developer


Highly motivated self-learner and passionate college student working towards Bachelor's in Augmented Reality & Virtual Reality at Backstage Pass Institute of Gaming & Technology. Aiming to use the knowledge that I have acquired from my coursework as well as self-study and also willing to learn new things.


Programming Languages

C C++ C#


Unity Scripting


UI Desigining

Photoshop Manipulation

VFX & Video Editing


Reverse Engineering

SaaS Development

App Development

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Assistor - AR Assistance App

Unity | Augmented Reality | Firebase

July 2021

A demo app built for providing real-time assistance in Augmented Reality. This app uses Google's Firebase for networking and AssetsBundle for runtime assets downloading.

Abhishek Goyal Developer
Abhishek Goyal Developer

Covid 19 India Map

Unity | Augmented Reality

July 2021

An augmented reality app, built to check Covid-19 cases in India state-wise. It uses gaze-interaction to pop up the states and display the data. Data gets fetched using API from covid19india.org.

Hand Tracking Unity

Unity | Mediapipe | Barracuda

June 2021

This app tracks hands in real-time using Machine Learning. It was built to check Google's Mediapipe Hand Tracking model in Unity using Unity Barracuda. While building this app, Medipipe was not released for Unity.

Room MR

Unity | Mixed Reality

June 2021

This app is a mixture of augmented and virtual reality. It uses ARCore to scan the floor and places the full explorable room. You can freely walk and explore the room as it is real. All 3D objects are in Real-World scale.

Spiders AR

Unity | Augmented Reality

May 2021

This was my first ARFoundation app. It was built to test the working of ARCore plains and 3D anchor points in Unity. It randomly spawns the spiders and they move like real spiders.

Too Hot! Too Cold!

Unity | Game Jam

May 2021

Too Hot! Too Cold! is a puzzle game made for the Level Up Circle Game Jam. This was my first game jam and it ranked 8th position out of 135 Entries. Link

Termino - Terminal Game Library

NCurses | C++

March 2021

Termino is a library for c++ which provide set of tools for making a terminal/console based games in c++. This library is based on ncurses. Link

Inbox360 - Email Shooter

PHP | Website | SaaS

Feburary 2021

This is a cloud based application which allows anyone to send unlimited emails to unlimited Contacts for lifetime without any third-party SMTP service.

TheSocialGrowth - SMM Panel Script

PHP | Website | SaaS

July 2020

This is an SMM Panel script which allows you to sell your Social Media Marketing Services with an easy to use admin panel. Link

Shoonyo Live

Kodular | Android App

Feburary 2020

This app was built for a non-profit charitable trust. It broadcasts live audio satsang to all the users. It was ranked #1 on play store in events section for 2 days. Link

TheFilmBay | Streaming Movies & TV Shows

PHP | Wordpress | Website

January 2019

This website was built to serve entertainment content for free. Users can either download or watch the content online. It ranked 13000 in India on alexa.com. On Jan 2020, it was shutdown.

Hit2Win - Play & Earn

Kodular | Android App

July 2018

This app was built to give users a reward for playing a simple whack-a-mole game. Users can easily redeem their reward points. It had 1k+ downloads in first 2 days of release. Link

Tinyloot - Earn rewards from Ads

Kodular | Android App

March 2018

This app was built to give users a rewards for watching advertisments. It had over 5k downloads on play store. Link

Keys - Maze Game

Buildbox | Android Game

Feburary 2018

Keys is a puzzle maze game. Users need to grab all the keys and find the way to get the ball out of the maze. It had over 5k downloads on play store. Link

Narendra Modi AR

Unity | Vuforia | Augmented Reality

August 2017

This was my first AR app. It places a dummy 3D character of Narendra Modi on a Indian 10-rupee note. Users can move the chracter using the joystick.

Birdies Adventure

Buildbox | Android Game

June 2017

This is physics based motocross game. It featured 20+ characters with different sounds to play with. It also had power-ups and in-app purchases. Link

Ball Jump Clone - Isometric Game

Buildbox | Android Game

October 2016

This is one-tap isometric game. It is a clone of Ball Jump game by Ketchapp. This was built as a template to sell and reskin.

Tweet Tweet - Color Flappy Bird

Buildbox | Android Game

July 2016

This was my first game built for smartphones. It is a mixture of flappy bird and color switch. This game was later sold as a template for reskining.